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Wedding without a toastmaster. Is this possible?

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The wedding is a solemn and joyful event. In order for the wedding to be interesting and unforgettable for everyone, both for guests and for the newlyweds, a lot of painstaking preparation is required. You should think about every little thing. So where should you start?
Recently, young people are trying to move away from generally accepted norms and arrange wedding celebrations in a new way: creatively and especially. It became very popular to have a wedding without a toastmaster. This is connected with the budget saving, which is very important in our time, especially for young people. So, a wedding without a toastmaster, how to do a wedding script without a toastmaster? You can think up by yourself, or contact a wedding services bureau. As a rule, it is recommended to conduct the wedding in two stages.


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The first day of the wedding.
Develop a script for a wedding without a toastmaster for the relatives and closest friends. This is usually a wedding dinner for a narrow circle of people. It’s clear that the script of a wedding without a toastmaster for the closest people is very responsibly. A small wedding without a toastmaster is good. But in order for the guests not to get bored and only eat and drink, silently look around, you should come up with a wedding scenario without a toastmaster with some competitions. And if you consider all the features and wishes of your relatives, then the wedding scenario without a toastmaster for loved ones will turn out to be interesting.
It also plays a role in which place you have decided to conduct your celebration. If you decide to spend a holiday in a restaurant, you will have fewer worries about the design of the table, where all will be arranged by the administrator and the waiters. But, if you decide to arrange a wedding without a toastmaster at home, then you will have to think in advance how to decorate the interior. A wedding at home without a Toastmaster can be interesting and memorable if you come up with ridiculous contests for a wedding and get help from your witnesses and loved ones in the organization of competitions. For example, giving to each person one assignment in advance, you can engage in the celebration of all the guests, and no one will be bored. Contests can be very different. It all depends on the theme of your holiday, but, since the first day will be held in a close family circle, then prepare tasks for everyone. Now a lot of various competitions and entertainments are offered for every taste. Games at a wedding without a Toastmaster can be different. So, for example, children will all have fun on the wedding inflatable trampoline. And how much joy will be given to the guests by the tug of war! You can build favorite checkers, dominoes, chess in a new, large format. And if you arrange a small amusement park in the open air, not far from the place of celebration, it will be very interesting for guests. Everyone will not mind playing the simplest games for accuracy, strength, and attention. This idea will bring a lot of positive emotions and impressions. Thus, games for a wedding for guests without a Toastmaster can be arranged. In any case, we must not forget that the wedding is a holiday of your love, and most importantly at the wedding – a good mood and a warm, relaxed atmosphere are needed.

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The second day of the wedding.
The second day of the wedding without a Toastmaster can be spent with your friends. And here everything depends on the flight of your imagination and material possibilities. The scenario of the second day of the wedding without a Toastmaster will depend on the choice of the venue for the celebration. Foam parties are very popular, where you can have fun in an informal atmosphere. Also, there is a mass of creative, unusual places, where you will spend unforgettable moments. You can pay attention to such an option as a wedding without a toastmaster in nature. Of course, much depends on the weather, but there is an opportunity to spread the tents, and then any weather adversity will not be terrible. There are a lot of advantages here, as the guests will not be connected by the time or space. And it is much more interesting to hold games for a wedding for guests without a toastmaster. Fresh air, relaxed atmosphere – are great aspects for active games, involving balls and sports equipment.
In any case, now there are many different opportunities to hold your wedding without a toastmaster no less interesting, when you would hire one and, at sometimes, much more interesting and exciting when you have one. After all, you will have to attract a lot of people for training and everyone will be more interested in showing themselves, their ingenuity, showing their talents, than just contemplating how the presenter does everything himself.

Many renounce the usual, established canons. Everyone wants to make the wedding an unforgettable event and leave a deep pleasant trail not only in the hearts of the newlyweds but also in the souls of the invited guests. Of course, the preparation for such a responsible event must begin in advance. We need to think through every detail.
To begin with, you need to decide on the budget and the venue for the celebration, then identify the topics. Perhaps your parents will want to celebrate the wedding of dear children in a traditional spirit with a limousine, a solemn painting in the registry office, with traditional champagne, a restaurant, a feast, wedding songs, and dancing. Well, in order not to upset your relatives, you should divide the celebration for two days. The first day, invite all the relatives, they also have the right to enjoy such an important moment in their life.
But the second day of the wedding without a Toastmaster you can plan, as your heart desires. Whatever you choose, let that rocking party with riding bikes, or fun in the aqua park, horse racing or Greek feast. Warn your guests in advance about the dress code so that there are no funny embarrassments. The ideal option, of course, will be the call to wear comfortable, just comfortable and solemn outfit, but not in all cases it is suitable. If the wedding is themed, then clothes should be worn appropriate. It should be noted that lately, fashion has changed towards comfort and restraint. Lush outfits with several rings, fringes, a huge quantity of laces and sewing beads and pearls go into oblivion. Nowadays fashion includes smooth, laconic, aged in strict tones dresses for brides are getting popular.
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A festive menu should be considered separately. Whichever place you choose, the table should be varied and tasty. To do this, first of all, you need to know the exact number of guests and plan the menu based on each person. Start with drinks. Mineral, carbonated water, juices should be approximately in the proportions of one liter per person. Wine, red and white, as a rule, is preferred by women. Men prefer stronger drinks such as brandy and vodka. In any case, you need to buy everything with a margin, so as not to cause unnecessary difficulties. As for the festive dishes, it is most expedient to use the services of professional chefs, as even a small number of guests for cooking meat dishes you will have to spend one full day. The menu should also include:
– several different salads;
– cold snacks;
– fish dishes;
– garnish;
– Desserts at the wedding which include different cakes, pastries, lots of fruit, ice cream.
All this can be purchased and prepared by you, but there is always an alternative. In many restaurants, there is such a service as “to go” of the ready meals to the place where you have your celebration.
A special place in the wedding celebration belongs to the wedding cake. It does not stand in the line with the dessert dishes, but fulfilling a certain mission. The choice of a wedding cake should be taken with special attention. It should harmoniously fit into the general theme of your celebration. As a rule, a wedding cake is always a work of art.
Be sure to decide if you will have the first staging dance. If so, then you will have to prepare it in advance. Although, nowadays there are many alternatives. You can sing your favorite song together, arrange a flash mob with the attraction of guests, or, just do the dance for newlyweds and with your parents. The choice is yours.
The next important point is whether do you want to capture your holiday on video and photos. And here everything depends on your taste and finances. Nowadays, there are many different offers of a professional photo and video shootings. You can also take advantage of the services of a beginner photographer, who will make the most of the effort and will cost much cheaper.
If you are planning festive salutes, launching Chinese lanterns with wishes, releasing pigeons, then we advise you not to do all this at one time. It will be better to dose all surprises so that guests can remember each event.
Many people like to have a retro wedding. But here you have some advantages and disadvantages; there are both fans and critics. One likes to plunge into the atmosphere of deep antiquity, to put on a grandmother’s dress, old ornaments, pearls, to ride in an old rarity car. But it’s good if your grandmother got married and lived a long happy life with your grandfather before old age. But if something did not work out, or the grandfather went to war, he died there, and grandmother had to raise the children herself, then in such a situation, it is worthy of giving up such style of a wedding.
You can choose the eco-wedding that is becoming increasingly interesting. The purpose of such a wedding is to bring the participants of the celebration to the nature as close as possible, showing complete harmony and unity with it. The decoration and decor of such a wedding use natural and muted colors, such as the color of stones, twigs, tree bark, all shades of green, sky blue, and turquoise sea, as well as all shades of beige, brown and gray. Materials are used, as a rule, are natural and organic. It can also be wood, clay, stones, ceramics, reeds, and bamboo. It is necessary to abandon the use of objects made of plastic and other harmful materials that harm the world around.

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Dresses at such weddings should be used only natural. This is flax, wool, cotton. Instead of tapes, it is better to use a tourniquet and a string. Here you should exclude any complex and intricate forms. Naturalness and simplicity are the mottoes of such a wedding.
Of course, we can not mention the wedding for two.
This phenomenon is new for us and is perceived in two ways. Basically, relatives are upset and offended, because they stay out of the way of such an important event. But the wedding is a celebration, first of all for two – the bride and the groom and they decide how to go through their most important day. As a rule, such weddings are celebrated in other countries, exotic and warm. This is the shore of the ocean, the island, something new and romantic. Many go to Venice or Paris. Such a wedding also takes place, because two lovers spend this day exchanging warmth, they can enjoy and immerse themselves in emotions and impressions associated only with their mate. And such moments are unforgettable and beautiful. In such case, it is no longer necessary to think out in advance, two or three months in advance, how everything must pass, you don’t have to worry, whether all guests were invited, whether someone has forgotten who will be later offended. You do not care about the festive table and entertain the invitees. In general, it is very pleasant to avoid pre-wedding fever. And how often at the end of the day the bride and groom are already so tired from the noise, vanity, that there is no question of any romance. So a wedding for two is a very interesting decision.
It’s hard not to mention the weddings which are taking place in unusual, extreme formats. These are weddings under the water, on the tops of mountains, in the open sea. There is no limit to human imagination. And if two people, connecting their hearts and destinies, look in one direction and think in one vein, then why not? In any case, it’s up to you to decide whether you will have the wedding without a toastmaster, or with a toastmaster, the most important thing is that the wedding day will be unforgettable for two and serve as a role model for future generations, and the newlyweds lived a long and happy life together.