The awakening of the perfumes in a colorful hug ... - Planning Wedding Checklist

The awakening of the perfumes in a colorful hug …

photo Marzia Rocchi

The flowers come into our lives by bringing a touch of light, with their delicacy and fragrances, shapes and colors, transforming any environment into something unique and special.

photo ph Juliankanz

Two professionals with a great passion: to create a classy backdrop, contemporary, rustic or elegant for all types of events. The result is a decor that delights, full of good taste, balance and personality, with that special glare that reflects who you are!

The splendor of your event will be made with care and love for every detail, with the pursuit of creativity to exceed all expectations and achieve your dream!

photo ph Gabriele Fani
My work is a passion which has always accompanied me since I was a little girl.

Without ever knowing why, I have always been inexplicably drawn to every opportunity to decorate, from the parties of my nieces and nephews to my sister’s wedding. Then, in Brazil, I began studying Architecture at University, losing myself in my other passion, design. After graduating I came to Italy to gain professional experience and immerse myself in the elegance of this beautiful nation.
When I arrived in Florence, Interior Design and Restoration became part of my profile…but… there it was an again…the role of Set Designer popped up and whisked me off on a journey of creation, involving children’s events, themed parties, theatre sets and finally weddings, where the beauty of flowers, with their bewitching scents and colours, transported me into this magical universe of the Wedding and Flowers Designer.

photo Julian Kanz

Indeed, the marriage proposal sends the imagination on a journey, at the beginning of which the union is captured and held as if in a dream. Decorating the location where the ceremony and reception will take place, creating a true set, made-to-measure based on the couple’s needs and desires becomes a whole lot of fun, my passion….my vocation!!!

My experiences and my travels in this world of creativity, imagination and original flair soon led me to set up my own business and turn my own dreams into reality! The result? Shining Flowers!!

Kellen Lauxen

Julian Kaz photo

For me, the world is art. Since I was a little girl I have been creating with my head and with my heart, later graduating as an art teacher and then working as a professional educator, with a view to introducing the elderly and the differently abled to the benefits of art therapy.
I began painting and my works fully express my feelings and emotions. My continuous desire to experiment, to create and teach painting brought me closer to the world of flowers, an essential part of the passion I have always harbored for nature.
And so in 2005, I became a floral designer, investing all my creativity and passion in a pledge to ensure that each person who receives one of my arrangements perceives a truly personal creation, designed based on their own unique appearance and identity.
I love it when the bride and groom warm to the elements I have tried to tame and incorporate in my creations …for me this is not simply a job, but the tapestry into which I weave my heart…
Marzia Rocchi

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    What a beautifully written article! It captures the essence of both of the designers, Kellen and Marzia while conjuring up magical images of what they can create for any occasion. If I was about to plan my wedding, I would definitely choose to work with Shining Flowers!

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