How To Do Wedding Makeup At Home? - Planning Wedding Checklist

How To Do Wedding Makeup At Home?


You do not want to spend lots of money on an expensive makeup artist and you want to hold a wedding modestly?

Or your ceremony takes place abroad, and carry with them the master feel meaningless? In that case, this article is for you! We will tell and show you how to make your own wedding makeup.
Of course, to appeal to fashion stylists and makeup artists to make a professional wedding makeup – it’s a good idea. Pros can study in detail the features of your appearance and pick the best option makeup. If you categorically decided that with the stylist you out of the way, then heed our advice.

The minimum

If the festival is held in the summer heat, we advise you to buy a magic bottle with thermal water in a spray. Why is the magic? And because if you make a couple of “zilch” in space, and then pass through the “cloud” after applying makeup, you fix bad that diligently applied.
Also suggested to use a heat light concealer (CC or BB-cream or fluid), dense, waterproof concealer, in order to disguise the shortcomings finely divided powder, resistant eyeliner, and mascara. And do not forget matting facial tissues (for “shine” and “shine” – are two different things).
If your wedding will take place in the snow and winter winds, the bridal makeup with your hands have to do with: makeup base with silicone content, thick foundation, loose powder, mascara and of course, lip balm.
Love wearing bright lips makeup? For winter and summer is fine: a proof lipstick, lip marker or Tinto.
For expressive eyes can buy false eyelashes or beams.
Do your own wedding makeup: steps of applying makeup
To begin with, remember one very important thing: never! Never do any peeling, cleaning and other radical procedures before the wedding. It is only allowed at least one week before the holiday.
What should be done the day before the wedding?
mask of black points;
intensely hydrating mask;
adjust the shape of the eyebrows.
How to apply makeup?
First, you need to base. This is mandatory. For the summer – it’s thermal Vodicka, and for the winter – with a silicone base that will help you keep the makeup as long as possible.
Further, over the base on the message lines face, apply foundation. If you are using BB- or CC-cream, Comrade to apply concealer under the eyes is not necessary – these means forgiving and easy, and does not harm your skin age.
Then, using the corrector dot mask imperfections.
After fixing the work done by a special holder or powder makeup.
And in the end, correct the neatly penciled eyebrow shape and fill the area with the help of suitable shade shadows.